L293NE Quad Half-H Driver Breakout Board

I have not yet tested this breakout.  I’ll remove this comment and add photos when I’m able to complete testing.

I ended up with more L293NE chips than I needed.  And I often avoid prototyping with the L293NE, because it requires a ton of diodes and general breadboard ugliness.

So, I figured, why not just build a bunch of breakouts so that I can mess around with motors, without having to fuss with all the extra parts?

Parts List

  1. 1x OSH Park PCB
  2. 1x L293NE
  3. 8x Schottky Diodes
  4. 1x 6-Position Screw Terminal Block (which will probably just come as two 3-Position blocks stuck together)
  5. 1x 8-Position breakaway header pins
  6. Salt and pepper to taste

The Build

  1. Solder the L293NE chip in place in the centre of the board.  Don’t put it on backwards; the square pad signifies pin 1.  In order to improve heat dissipation, I recommend soldering this one directly to the PCB, rather than using a chip socket.
  2. Bend the anode leads from all eight Schottky diodes, all the way around the diode body.
  3. Solder the 8 diodes in place.  I designed this board so that the diodes stick straight up.  Cathodes into the square pads, anodes into the round pads.
  4. Solder on the screw terminals, so that the terminal holes face toward the outside of the board.
  5. Finally, solder those header pins to the bottom of the board.

Using It

I intended this module to provide near-raw access to the L293NE chip, and although I’ve only considered using this with two brushless DC motors, many of the applications described in the chip’s datasheet should work.

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